Lynne Silva-Breen

MN Marriage and family therapist. I love families, the tribes into which we were born, and those we consciously create throughout life. I’m especially interested in these relationships of love, loyalty and obligation we call marriage, and specialize in trying to understand and support the long-term ones, those 20 years long and counting.

I’m a novel reader, yogi, lap swimmer, fountain pen enthusiast, social media junkie, cancer survivor, and weather radar fan. I love God, and think grace is all that stands between us and daily ruin. Former Lutheran clergy (20 years) but Oh, so glad I’m not trying to do that job anymore.

I’m a great listener, and have natural empathy. But I’m also sharp and don’t suffer fools gladly. I may look calm in the pool, but if you want to share the water with me, this is probably what I’m thinking: The water’s fine. But stay out of my lane.


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